But was it trademark infringement? I took my hand-drawn design to my boss, the manager of journals division of the University of Chicago Press. It was around 1:00 ppm, and my boss was returning from a celebratory lunch. I caught up with him at the front of the press building. He was in high spirits. I got right to it. I showed him my design. Would he have any problem with me making t-shirts with the design on it? We would hand it out to our authors and other interested people at the Modern Language Association meeting, which was coming up and offered a perfect forum for a new marketing idea. That’s not Harley’s logo, that’s our logo, he said, and I ordered 100 t-shirts. When people started wearing them, the Chronicle of Higher Education called. We made their Notes section, following a blurb on what prisoners typically read in prison libraries. That was my next project. Get CI into prisons.